3 Reasons to file you dogs nails

3 Reasons to file you dogs nails

3 Reasons to File your dog's Nails

Reason one the obvious one long nails can catch on anything from carpets to rugs even sticks and rocks. Causing injuries even nail bed loss. This can cause pain and possibly infection.

Second long dog nails can and do cause arthritis in the paw. This tweaking of the toes is painful and easy to fix just by filling or trimming the long nails.

Third People who trim their dog’s nails can be one of the more stressful aspects of dog ownership. If your dog’s nails are a dark color or just long it can be difficult to judge how much to cut or file off the nail before hitting the nerves and blood vessels. Many dogs dislike or even hate having their nails trimmed or even touched, they may have had a negative or painful experience in the past. Getting your dog used to having its feet handled is something that is best started as a puppy.   With Adult dogs patience and treats are key. Don’t rush them into it, going slow will be quicker than having to fix a bad or scary experience.


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